OneExtraGames is specialized on developing high quality flash games. Currently, there are
thousands and thousands of low quality flash games on the net. We aim to make a difference.

OneExtraGames is located in Berlin, Germany and consists of:

  • Ilya Shabanov
  • Rojahn Ahmadi

We both have been working with Flash since Flash 5 was released and we've got a lot of
experience in coding and game design. Yet OneExtra is our first own company specialized on
creating games.

If you like our work and if you are interested in getting games directly for your site please contact
us at: contact@one-extra.de!


Ahmadi & Shabanov GbR

Ilya Shabanov
Speyererstr. 4
10779 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (30) 23631242

Rojahn Ahmadi
Nürnbergerstr. 47
10777 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (30) 54716867